Flame Surge is a powerful spell skill in the game "Path of Exile" (ПОЕ). It is a fire-based spell that unleashes a surge of flames, dealing significant damage to enemies in its area of effect.

This skill is popular among players who focus on fire-based builds, as it benefits from increased fire damage, spell damage, and other related modifiers. Additionally, Flame Surge has a high critical strike chance, making it capable of dealing massive damage when combined with critical strike support.

One notable feature of Flame Surge is its ability to scale with the number of burning enemies. The skill deals more damage to burning targets, encouraging players to utilize skills like Herald of Ash or ignite effects to maximize its potential.

Flame Surge can also be used in combination with other skills and spells to create powerful synergies. For example, players often use Flame Surge in conjunction with Fire Trap or Tornado Shot to trigger elemental proliferation, spreading the burning effect to multiple enemies.

Overall, Flame Surge is a versatile spell that offers high damage potential in "Path of Exile". Its fire-based nature, critical strike capability, and ability to scale with burning enemies make it a formidable choice for players who enjoy harnessing the power of flames.

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Алексей Смирнов
Алексей Смирнов
Я страстный поклонник Path of Exile с 2015 года, посвятивший многие часы исследованию его бесконечного мира. Эта игра стала для меня не просто хобби, но и источником вдохновения и знаний о мире RPG. За годы игры я научился тонкостям стратегии и планирования, что помогает мне создавать уникальные персонажи и проходить сложнейшие испытания. Моё погружение в мир Path of Exile отразилось не только в игровом опыте, но и в желании делиться своими знаниями с другими игроками.
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