Efficiently navigate the treacherous lands of Wraeclast with the powerful support gem known as Concentrated Effect in Path of Exile (POE). Concentrated Effect is a valuable tool that enhances your area of effect skills, allowing you to deal more damage in a smaller radius.

When linked with your active skill gem, Concentrated Effect reduces the area of effect of your skill but increases its damage, resulting in a more focused and intense attack. This support gem is particularly useful when facing tough enemies or when you want to maximize your damage output in confined spaces.

It's important to note that Concentrated Effect affects most area of effect skills, such as Fireball, Ice Nova, or Earthquake. However, it doesn't work on skills that don't have an area of effect component, like Flicker Strike or Blade Flurry.

When planning your build, keep in mind that Concentrated Effect comes with a trade-off. While it significantly boosts your damage, it also reduces the area of effect, potentially making it harder to hit multiple enemies simultaneously. Consider your playstyle and the type of encounters you'll be facing before deciding to include Concentrated Effect in your build.

To obtain Concentrated Effect, you can either find it as a drop or acquire it from other players through trading. It is also available as a quest reward in certain situations, so be sure to check the rewards for your active quests while progressing through the game.

Combine Concentrated Effect with other support gems and skill gems to create devastating combinations that suit your playstyle. Experiment with different setups and discover the most efficient ways to decimate your foes in the ever-challenging world of Path of Exile.

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Алексей Смирнов
Алексей Смирнов
Я страстный поклонник Path of Exile с 2015 года, посвятивший многие часы исследованию его бесконечного мира. Эта игра стала для меня не просто хобби, но и источником вдохновения и знаний о мире RPG. За годы игры я научился тонкостям стратегии и планирования, что помогает мне создавать уникальные персонажи и проходить сложнейшие испытания. Моё погружение в мир Path of Exile отразилось не только в игровом опыте, но и в желании делиться своими знаниями с другими игроками.
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